Welcome to the Family Relationships and Development Laboratory website

The Family Relationships and Development Lab is run by Dr. Rachel G. Lucas-Thompson in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University.

In the Families and Development lab, we are dedicated to understanding and improving the lives of families and adolescents from diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to understand how the qualities of family relationships are related to adolescent biological and mental health. More specifically, we focus on how experiencing marital conflict and poor-quality relationships with parents puts adolescents at risk for problems regulating responses to stress, biases in attention, and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and problem behaviors. Of particular interest are the mechanisms (i.e., mediators) by which family relationships influence adolescent outcomes, as well as protective and risk factors (i.e., moderators) of the associations between family relationships and later development. We also work to promote adolescent and family health through interventions, particularly those that promote stress and emotional regulation.